Why Choose Tiles?

Tiles have been transforming everyday living spaces into extraordinary works of art, they are one of the most practical materials used today, the versatility of the product is above all.

They have been used across the entire home, including floors, walls, kitchens tiles, bathroom tiles, bedrooms, and outdoor tiles, with new age methods in production, they have been able to create endless looks and designs that give tiles that wow factor, giving consumers a wide range of options, suited for everyones needs. The bonus to using tiles is, there easy to clean, and have great water-resistant properties which makes using tiles in wet areas a great option and when used creatively can be breathtaking. Nowadays you get all sorts of different designs and sizes, with the most recent trend being timber tiles. 


Porcelain vs Ceramic Tiles


Porcelain tiles are liquid resistant due to there high density, which makes it highly resistant to all kinds of liquid penetration, porcelain comes in both a glazed and unglazed option, and we highly recommend sealing all tiles to avoid any stains and discolouration that may occur. When sealing porcelain the sealer penetrates into the pores of the material, rather than just a protective layer on top. Porcelain is also one of the strongest and most durable when it comes to flooring, it is a solid material making it highly resistant to most heavy impact. Porcelain tiles are commonly used in high traffic areas such as kitchens, living rooms, entries and commercial spaces, because porcelain is a solid material, the colour runs through out the tile, often if it cracks or chips, it is unnoticeable compared to ceramic, which makes it a great option to use in high traffic areas. Plus porcelain is a very low maintenance product that will last decades if used properly.

Ceramic Tiles come in an unglazed and glazed option as well, once glazed the protective layer sits on top of the tile which makes the tiles water and stain resistant. We highly recommend ceramic tiles to be used on walls and splash backs, and if need to be in low traffic areas. They are a thinner material and the tile colour is a layer that sits on top of the ceramic, so if it does crack or chip, the clay colour of the ceramic will be visible. They are a cheaper option when it comes to porcelain tiles, and are easy to clean once glazed. 

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