Primers and Additives

Lexatonia Tiles stock a range of primers and additives designed to help you prepare floors for laying tiles and lay the tiles themselves. Each of the products we sell are chosen for their quality and effectiveness. They will help your tiles to be installed properly and give a professional finish to your work. If you're not sure what you're looking for, or simply need advice on which product will be best for your needs, talk to the Lexatonia team today. We can help you make a decision on which primer or adhesive will best suit your need, or provide instruction on how to use each product. Browse our range online, or visit us in-store and see our full range in person.

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Lexatonia Tiles are Melbourne's largest cheap tile store. We stock a wide range of tiles sourced from manufacturers local and all across the world. Buy kitchen tiles, bathroom tiles, floor tiles and more, with a wide range to choose from and almost limitless options for shape, colour, design and more.