Premium Outdoor Tiles

Installing tiles outside may be one of the best decisions you can make for outdoor design. Using tiles outside can really open up a space for design, and change the way your outdoor entertaining area, gardens and feature areas feel. At Lexatonia Tiles, we stock a wide range of outdoor tiles for every purpose. Whether you're looking to create a modern entertaining space or a rustic, traditionally tiled area, we can help you find the tiles you're looking for. Browse our range online today or visit our showroom.

Popular Outdoor Tile Choices

Outdoor tiles can be very different from indoor tiles. While tiles designed for outdoor use can be used indoors, the opposite is not always true. Outdoor tiles need to be durable, water resistant and slip-resistant. There are several fantastic options when it comes to choosing outdoor tiles, and each one has its own appeals. We offer the following types of outdoor tiles: 

Porcelain Tiles

While expensive, the durability, low maintenance and visual appeal of porcelain tiles are highly desired. They provide a premium finish to any space and work well for undercover areas. These tiles get slippery when wet, but can be treated for anti-slip.

Stone Tiles

Stone tiles are fantastic for outdoor use due to their durability, versatility and options when it comes to design and function. There are many kinds of stone tiles, and each has different properties, so proper research is required before deciding. Most stone tiles need regular sealing as they are porous, but last a long time if cared for properly.

If you can't find the tile you're looking for, or you're not sure which tile would be best for your project, talk to our friendly tile experts.


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With 45 Years of experience in the tile industry, we can help you find the exact tiles you're looking for. If you’re planning a renovation, building or constructing large scale, we can provide you with the tiles you need at competitive prices. We're one of Melbourne's largest tile retailers, and import unique and incredible tiles from all across the world. Visit our showroom today to see our range in person, and talk to our tile experts.