Mosaic Tiles – Herringbone, Hexagon & More

Mosaic tiles are the ultimate tile statement for your home, a balance of busy and clean styles that will make your design pop. Choose from a wide range of mosaic tiles here at Lexatonia, in an infinite amount of shapes and designs. If you're looking to buy mosaic tiles, talk to our team of tile experts. With over 45 years of experience in the tiling industry, we can help you choose the perfect tiles for your home or business, based on your personal style and tastes. Browse our range online, or make your way in-store and see them for yourself.

Design Choices

Mosaic tiles come in an infinite amount of design choices, with differences in shape, size, colour and more. When choosing mosaic tiles for your home or business, it's important to take into account the room in which they'll be in, and the effect each kind of tile will have on design. The most popular mosaic tile designs include:


Mosaic tile designs Description
Standard Mosaic Tiles These tiles include a range of square and rectangle shapes and are popular for basic mosaic designs. They can provide a stylised, cluttered look that many people love.
Herringbone Tiles Herringbone tiles join together to create patterns at angles, zig-zagging across your canvas. They can be used to create stunning patterns and fill space to great effect.
Hexagon Tiles For a futuristic effect, hexagon shaped tiles can be used anywhere. Fantastic for subtle accentuation of other interior design features, these tiles are perfect for anyone looking for something just that little bit different.
Subway Tiles Based on the tiles used in the New York subway system, these tiles versatile, durable and easy to clean, not to mention stunningly gorgeous.
Custom Mosaic Design These tiles come only in sheet form and create complex designs with custom tiles of multiple unique shapes.


Mosaic tiles are very popular for bathrooms and splashbacks but are becoming increasingly popular as general use tiles in lounge rooms, hallways and more. Most mosaic tiles can be bought as a sheet of tiles, pre-designed in squares for easy installation, or as individual tiles for advanced designs.

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