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When it comes to floor tiles, you need something truly stunning. The tiles you choose for your home can dictate the overall feel of your property, can make or break a design. If you're in the market for floor tiles Melbourne, but aren't sure what kind of tiles would be right for your situation, talk to the experts at Lexatonia Tiles. With more than 40 years of experience, we can help you find the perfect tile to suit your design, taste and style, and turn your floors into something to be proud of. Browse our range online tiles, or visit our showroom and experience our tiles in person.

Floor Tiles Melbourne Design

When it comes to choosing floor tiles, it's important to understand the impact that tiles of different sizes, colours and designs can have on the appearance of a room. Tiles that are larger or lighter in colour can really open up space, making it feel more open and modern, while darker or smaller tiles can have the opposite effect, making space seem smaller and cosier. At Lextatonia we stock a range of different kinds of floor tiles. These include:

Floor Tiles Description
Mosaic Tiles These tiles are designed to be decorative, and though they aren't often used as floor tiles, they can be, and to great effect. Often coming in pre-made patterns, you can choose the ones you like in a number of different shapes, and add flair to any room.
Large Tiles Perfect for opening up space and providing a modern, clean look. Large tiles come in a range of colours and finishes, and can quickly transform a space.
Porcelain Tiles Durable and stylish, porcelain tiles are great for any application, and come in a variety of finishes, making them great for any room.
Textured Tiles Tiles that have a texture or a non-smooth, such as matte and rough finish tiles fall into this category.


For more information on our range or to buy floor tiles, talk to our team today or visit our showroom.

Floor Tiles for Every Purpose

We stock floor tiles for properties of all kinds. Our tiles have been installed in residential and commercial properties all across Melbourne to create incredible spaces that both impress and inspire. We stock tiles from all over the world and boast one of the largest ranges of floor tiles Melbourne. If you're looking for a specific tile and we don't have it in stock, we guarantee we can help you find the one you're looking for, and even provide advice in regards to tile choices and maintenance. Come in today and get the tiles you're dreaming of.

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If you need advice on which tiles to choose, are looking to buy floor tiles, kitchen tiles, bathroom tiles, timber look tiles or simply want to know more about the tiles we stock, call us now on 03 9460 8180 or send us an email at sales@lexatonia.com.au.