Cleaning and Maintenance


Every tile has different cleaning and maintenance requirements, some more than others. So understanding the nature and requirements for your tile are key to its performance and service life. It will vary according to the type of tile and treatment applied to protect or enhance the tile eg. pre-sealing, waxes and grout release agents. The characteristics of each tile will often dictate which cleaning methods should be used, knowing what chemicals and methods to use and if used incorrectly can result in damage to your tiles.


Daily sweeping or vacuuming is recommended to remove loose debris that can damage glazed surfaces, leaving a hazy or soiled appearance in high traffic areas, once the surface is damaged the cleaning of the area becomes more difficult as the surface alters. Cleaning of your tiles can be achieved by normal washing or scrubbing with warm water and a pH neutral sulphate-free cleaning agent, we do not recommend using a detergent with a high alkaline (pH >9), as it may result in grout attack and cause hazing of glazed tiles. 

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