Bathroom Tiles Melbourne

Lexatonia is Melbourne's premium provider of bathroom tiles. We stock a wide range of tiles, available in many sizes, shapes, colours and styles. Browse our range of porcelain tiles online, and choose from porcelain tiles, ceramic tiles, mosaic tiles and more. For more information on bathroom tiles Melbourne, call us today.

Bathroom Tile Design

The kind of tiles you choose for your bathroom can have a massive effect on the overall look of the room. Whether you're renovating that outdated bathroom or building a brand new one, you want tiles that are going to add to the design of the room, and not overpower everything else. The right tiles should take into consideration the existing design of your home, and turn your bathroom into a place of refuge and relaxation. With over 40 years of experience in the tiles industry, we can help you make the right choice when it comes to bathroom tiles Melbourne. Talk to any member of our team and you'll get all the information you could ever need. We'll help you find and buy tiles you need to perfect your bathroom, all small and large tiles at affordable prices. 

Tile Finish Options

There are several options for tile finishes, and each looks great in its own way. We offer a range of premium finishes for our tiles, including:

Finish Options Description
Glazed Finish Glazed tiles have a glass layer covering them, and are usually ceramic or porcelain tiles. Glaze makes them non-absorbent and easy to clean.
Glossy Finish Glossy tiles are designed to have a shiny look, and are fantastic for walls and floors, with a more modern look.
Matte Finish Matte tiles are non-reflective and provide a more rustic or traditional look. These tiles are very popular in many modern homes.
Textured Finish With a rough surface, these tiles are fantastic for bathrooms, as their grainy finish makes them slip resistant, to an extent.
Polished Finish Tiles polished to perfection. They give a luxurious feel and may be more expensive than other finishes.

We import tiles from across the world, from countries including Spain, Italy, Brazil and the Asia Pacific. If you're in need of a specific tile, talk to our team and we may be able to get it in for you. We have one of the largest ranges of bathroom tiles Melbourne, and strive to bring you the tiles you need. We are the best Tile shop in Thomastown, so why not try us!

Find the Tiles You're Looking For

Visit our showroom today to browse our full range of tiles, or see our range online. We have tiles to suit all your bathroom design needs and can help you choose the right tiles to give your bathroom the desired effect. If you can't find the wall or floor tile you're after, call our team today or ask one of our employees at our showroom. As a premium stockist of bathroom tiles Melbourne, we're here to help. 

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